To understand how the site works, it is necessary to understand the motivations behind the site, the initial aspirations of its founding 2.
        This site was created at first to allow all, to a maximum of people without distinction of race or wealth, without selection, to listen to little known music because it is about independent productions do not not benefiting from a help or a strong communication campaign.
        It is useful to specify that the choice of the pieces is done without any distinctions, that the production is independent or not but it turns out that our musical tastes are focused on styles which, locally, generate proportionally, only few benefits: our catalog is almost exclusively constituted of independent music not by choice but by the chance of our musical tastes.
        This desire to share music was born primarily from our own personal experience and the benefits it can bring to everyone.
        Music must have a significant power over the development of the individual and thus the fulfillment of humanity provided that it is shared by many.
        Now we can already see the still dangerous state in which our societies find themselves: inequalities, fears, sufferings, wars, diseases.
        The state of the world remains very unequal and generates a number of fatal ills, in the long term, on all civilizations.
        We believe that our willingness to share music freely is the beginning of a solution to all the problems of the world because it uses, through the action of sharing, to a better fraternity between peoples.
        We must learn to love each other.
        We must be in tune with global issues while remaining a viable and sustainable project, taking care to offer the most egalitarian initial service possible.
        We are, however, well aware that Internet access is not possible for a majority of the world's population, but we hope that this opportunity will come as time goes by, in order to free access to information.
        In addition, we are committed to respecting the work of artists by respecting international copyrights through the legal bodies of which we pay our participation.
        This explains why our project is also a commercial project in order to make the site economically viable over time and to make it totally autonomous.
        We are therefore a sustainable project because we strive to always find a balance between payment of royalties allowing us to legally broadcast our music listening and sales or advertising to generate enough resources to make our project independent and autonomous .
        Thus, there will NEVER a selection of artistic works motivated by money or trade agreements and this is a basic philosophy of the project.
        Our philosophy can be summed up thus:
        • commercial independence.
        • Artists working respect.
        • All clear span.
        We are therefore committed to working ever harder for the respect, equality and understanding of every human being, regardless of their origins and choices, provided they respect those of others.
        We thus believe that by bais an example towards a positive evolution of our society and improvement. "

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        Our philosophy is more participatory
        We therefore remain open to improvement or change if it seems relevant: do not hesitate to send us your suggestions or feedback.
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